Freilichtmuseum am Kiekeberg

I love this kind of museums showing how people used to live on the countryside centuries ago. I have visited one in Münster  and still remember how interesting it was, so I had high expectation about the Freilichtmuseum am Kiekeberg.   This museum is divided in two: one part is…


LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur

  This is probably the best experience I had in a Museum last year. Although I had great expectations, the new LWL Museum surprised me and I am eager to go back, it’s just perfect.   Münster has a well-known reputation as a city where you can live and enjoy…


Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

    This museum is huge. Amazing huge and old. The building was constructed by order of the emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria to hold some of the imperial collections and was opened back on 1889.       I cannot write about all the exhibitions that this museum…


Museum Angewandte Kunst

  I’ve wanting to visit this museum since January 2012, when I saw a conference about Dieter Rams and the Ulm School  held by Dr. Klaus Klemp, then in charge of exhibitions. The theme and the conference were so interesting for me, that I thought this museum would be fascinating….


Museo de Olvera

  This small museum is situated at the historical house “La Cilla” in the old city of Olvera, one of the so-called “white towns” in Andalusia, Spain. Olvera’s major economic activity has been the olive oil production for the last decades. Nevertheless, the last years they have been doing an…

Cap San Diego HH 1

Cap San Diego

  Hamburg has the third port of Europe (in terms of activity) and the 15th largest of the world. As a famous maritime city, it is possible to find a lot of cultural and tourist attractions related to its port. There are museums, walking and sailing tours, colourful neighborhoods, festivals,…

German flag

1914–1918. The First World War. Deutsches Historisches Museum

  I was very curious about how an exhibition over a big war can be conceived, without hurting anyone’s feelings. Too many countries participated in this war, too many people died in this first modern war (with modern weapons that could kill and damage on a larger scale). It is…

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