Keith Haring. Posters

  Although focused on Haring’s posters, the exhibition includes photographs, merchandising and a film. With an admirable combination of these elements, the exhibition shows Haring’s work but also gives light into a generous, creative young man, full of energy and gifted with the extraordinary capability of communicating through image and…


Hokusai x Manga

Japanese pop culture since 1680 This exhibition is the result of two years of investigation, exhibits’ compilation and planning. Its purpose is to establish a relation between the earlier Japanese popular culture (since 1680) and the present one, based on the evolution of the manga (Japanese word for comic). The…


Art Nouveau. The Great Utopian Vision

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg   I feel ambivalent about this museum. On the one hand, I love a part of its permanent collection, I think some of their projects are highly valuable, such as offering a major part of the collection On-Line, and I respect their willingness to…


Fette Beute. Reichtum zeigen

  I visited the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe for another exhibition, and ended up in this one without any idea of the theme or the contents. Despite my complete ignorance around emblems, marks, signs or other evidences of “richness”, I ended my visit with a pleasant impression about the…

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