Upper Belvedere

  When you go to Vienna, you have to visit the Belvedere. Every tourist guide says so; every person you ask for recommendations recommends it… you should go. You may see there Klimt’s Kiss and only that makes the visit to Belvedere worth it. You may also see a few…

Topographie des Terrors

Topographie des Terrors

    The Topography of Terror Foundation was founded by the state of Berlin and the Federal Republic of Germany after an exhibition on 1987 celebrating Berlin’s 750th anniversary. As a political institution, the aim was to build a documentation center to be established in an important part of the city,…

Cést la vie - Hamburger Kunsthalle - 11

C’est la vie

  The Paris of Daumier and Toulouse-Lautrec. Hamburger Kunsthalle.     During July, the Hamburger Kunsthalle made some improvements on the permanent exhibition spaces. As the visitors could not visit the whole Kunsthalle, and had access only to the new building called Galerie der Gegenwart  (with 2 temporary exhibitions), it was nonsense…

Gardens 2 - Louisiana

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

    Last July I was invited by a friend to stay in a small Danish town. Before my trip, he told me that we may visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, what gave me time to see its website (very complete and appealing)… after what I really wanted…

German flag

1914–1918. The First World War. Deutsches Historisches Museum

  I was very curious about how an exhibition over a big war can be conceived, without hurting anyone’s feelings. Too many countries participated in this war, too many people died in this first modern war (with modern weapons that could kill and damage on a larger scale). It is…


David Bowie in Martin-Gropius-Bau

  I went to Berlin for a couple of days this week and I really wanted to visit the David Bowie’s exhibition that I have read so much about. On the one hand, I was curious of how an exhibition of a living man can be set up… with which…

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