A Thyssen never seen

  With a new approach to display 62 masterpieces that, regretfully, have not been often exhibited, is how the Thyssen- Bornemisza Museum in Madrid wanted to celebrate its 25th anniversary. That is why they named this exhibition A Thyssen never seen, as it actually includes pieces that have been almost…


Impressionists and Moderns. Masterworks from The Phillips Collection.

CaixaForum   The Phillips Collection – which is 95 years old and worldwide renowned – has over 4.000 pieces that extend from the French Impressionism and American Modernism to Contemporary Art. 60 of the most emblematic artworks are now being exposed at CaixaForum in Barcelona.   The exhibition Impressionists and…


Aalto in CaixaForum

  This exhibition is now opened in Madrid (until February 16th), but I saw it in Barcelone. If you are in Madrid and you like industrial design, architecture and furniture, you should try to go and you may enjoy the rest of CaixaForum as well. CaixaForum organises exhibitions that are…

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