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My name is Claudia Vergara. As a professional that has been working for years in both private and public cultural organizations, I have always been interested in seeing what other people are doing on my area. It is always pleasant and illustrative to see creative solutions for common problems that we all face while preparing exhibitions, or to see how a small museum has managed to develop an engagement strategy with almost no budget. Unfortunately, sometimes I also see good examples of what shouldn’t be done if the project is supposed to be successful or, at least, if the purpose is to reach the attention of a wide audience.


I have worked in different countries and I have been lucky enough to travel a lot (and I hope I keep doing so!). I am always willing to visit as much cultural organizations as I can, and I tend to look everything from a professional scope. I know sometimes it would be nicer or richer as an experience if I could see everything as the ordinary public does… having the freedom of receiving the messages just as what they would make me feel as a woman, not as a professional, but I can’t!


berlin1After accepting that I am continuously evaluating everything from a more technical and professional perspective, I decided to write my impressions. First, my idea was just taking notes for my future projects and to learn from what others do, like having a mental benchmark ready for whenever it would be necessary. After years, I see that just taking notes is not enough nor easy to manage, and my ideas and observations are regrettably vanishing. That is why I work now on this blog, hoping my observations should be better developed and organized, while helping (hopefully) other professionals to see what is going on in organizations they cannot visit, but from an objective point of view and not from the perspective of the media or the organization itself.


I don’t know what will come out of this blog. I would really like to reach professionals in different countries. And, if I can keep dreaming, to receive comments and discuss of the projects I present here, or receiving comments of similar outcomes from other professional’s efforts.


marruecos 2007 409Here I present personal reflections and analysis of cultural projects I personally visit or experience, always from the perspective of a cultural management professional. Nevertheless, I try to write everything in a simple way, so that everybody can read…  because everybody is welcome to read! Your comments are also welcome, whether they are in English, Spanish, German, Catalan or French… or in other languages as well, although in this later case I may need google translator to understand!


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I give assessment to museums, galleries and other cultural projects. If you need my professional advice, I’d be glad to help you.

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· Market research and analysis
· Develop information management systems, for example visitors statistics
· Develop the optimal processes in management areas such as controlling, financial forecasts, KPI, among others
· Global Strategy assessment
· Marketing Strategy assessment
· Engagement Strategy assessment
· And a lot more! Just let me know what you need.




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