Museum of the City of New York


This museum represents my favourite kind of museums. It is small in a user-friendly way; it has a complete variety of temporary exhibitions, all related to the city of NY but far from the popular topics; it is financed privately with different membership levels; it has great shop; it offers the possibility of celebrating private events; it has a simple, small café that really works fine with its beautiful sights over Central Park, and, what’s most important, it has a great staff that is truly thoughtful about their work.

The museum’s building is a 1.930’s Georgian Colonial-Revival design house at Fifth Avenue. It has only four levels but held, when I visited it, 9 exhibitions plus a private event. The house may be small, but they really get the most out of the space. The staff are probably, all of them, creative people that find easy solutions for everything, making the visitor feel comfortable and in an intimate atmosphere.

The exhibitions are permanently changing, inviting the visitor to come over and over again, always getting in-depth information over a specific feature of the city, its past or its present, but as said, completely out of the topics around the big apple. It keeps the exhibitions aside from the touristic emblems, and introduces the visitor to the real city, now or before, its people, how they lived, how a city is an addition of millions of lives. It is fascinating whether you are a tourist or live in NYC.








The Museum of the City of New York, 1220 Fifth Avenue, Ney York, USA


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