EisZeiten – Ice Ages



This project consists of a double exhibition to picture how men adapted and lived in polar regions, both in the past and nowadays. Taking place in Hamburg, Germany, it also gives some insight into the city during the last ice age.


Under the name Die Menschen des Nordlichts (The men of the NorthernLlights), the Museum für Völkerkunde shows the efforts and creativity of men living nowadays and in the recent past in north polar areas, such as Alaska, Greenland, Norway and Siberia. Approaching different aspects of social and personal life, it offers a full view of how they manage to develop themselves, their families and societies in such an extreme environment. The brave idea of using larger texts than as usual -I am grateful for that- with a display that encourages to read, results in a very instructive exhibition. The texts are fully complemented with photographs, pieces, examples and other materials, which is altogether highly enlightening.







The Archäologisches Museum’s exhibition is called Die Kunst der Mammutjäger (The Art of the Mammouth Hunters). Their focus is to give insight into the ancient life and beliefs of people in the icy regions through some of their tools, amulets and other crafts made, mainly, of mammoths’ ivory. These pieces are complemented with some examples of the fauna back in the ice ages. Some of the pieces, carved as long ago as 38.000 years, are considerably beautiful, which speaks a lot about the craftsmen’s aesthetic development and care. Most of the pieces are female or animal representations, but there are also some diagrams and drawings that allow the visitor to imagine how the environment once was.








Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg, Rothenbaumchaussee 64, 20148 Hamburg, Germany http://www.voelkerkundemuseum.com

Archäologisches Museum Hamburg, Museumsplatz 2, 21073 Hamburg, Germany  http://www.amh.de/


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