C/O Berlin

C/O Berlin is a private charitable foundation that exhibits mainly photography and visual media displays at America House, both of famous artists and emerging ones. They organise not only up to 20 exhibitions each year, some with their own catalogue, but also lectures, guided visits, and a photography award among other activities. You may visit C/O Berlin every month and always get something new and interesting. A delicious restaurant and a inspiring shop are also available.

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On my last visit, I saw the Anton Corbijn’s Retrospective, and was delighted. It was comprehensive, with his photographs divided by two criteria: on the first floor the circuit was chronological, letting the visitor understand the photographer’s evolution and the results of his successive experimentations. On the second floor was displayed some of Corbijn’s specific works with artists and musicians, including photographs, LP’s covers, magazines and some band’s merchandising.

In short: a remarkable and impressive retrospective, impeccably carried out, complete and enjoyable from the first minute.  As always at C/O Berlin, a great exhibition.

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C/O Berlin. Amerika Haus, Hardenbergstraße 22–24, Berlin, Germany





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